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Sponsored links are the featured links at the top of search sites and so-called "sponsored posts" on social media. They are an efficient way to advertise your business on the Internet as appear just when the user is searching for your product or service (Google) or appear precisely to your target audience (social networks). An effective and inexpensive way to attract customers.

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Advertise on Google or on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Check out how we can expand your business on the Internet:

Public survey

All public and the targeted campaign interested in the products and services you advertise


With accurate metrics tools, it is possible to measure with complete reports all results

Creating ads and campaigns

We create and manage your entire campaign on Google or on social networks

Low amount invested

Less value compared with traditional media, online campaigns have the best cost-benefit for your business


Your ads start running immediately after campaign setting

You define the value

In addition to lower cost, you set the amount to be invested in their campaigns

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Your customer is already on the Internet, now only remains for you. Check the data:

81% of the web traffic source is coming from search engines.
Font: ItonPaper.com


In Brazil 57.6% of people are connected to the internet.
Font: União Internacional de Telecomunicações (UIT)


Facebook leads 25% of all Internet traffic.
Fonte: Shareaholic


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